Kids Play & Schools

Keeping children safe is something we know all about at Grassland. Our trusted safety surfaces have passed hundreds of independent tests are are renowed for creating safe play areas all over Europe. When you want to do everything you can to make play time safe, Grassland is the solution.

Grassland products have the beauty of real grass but with non of the drawbacks. It looks and feels like the real thing that's what makes it perfect for soft landings and hazard-free fun.

It's also beautifully easy to care of. There's not mowing, no mess and no mud! Just lush green grass that retains its protective qualities and good great looks season after season, whatever the weather.

Our playground products have a robust monofilament struture that will not break down even under extreme and prolonged pressure. GL Lifestyle is the perfect product for heavy traffic areas including under swings and slindes where other safety surfaces often let you down. Lifestyle stays safe and attractive no matter what life throws at it.